Hi. I'm Joy.

I am a Web Designer & Developer who thrives on simplicity and the best user experience. When I'm not creating results-focused websites, I enjoy exploring the Seattle area, spending time with my family and searching for the perfect iced latte.

I was born and raised in NYC, but my real roots reach to South America. I owe my travel bug to being a first generation American with family all over the world - we were always on the go!

My passion: I LOVE music - it's one of the most powerful and diverse methods for expression & communication. In the meantime, I get my fix by going to lots & lots of concerts. I'm at 160 and counting!

A fun fact: As a true New Yorker, I'm slightly embarrased to say that I only learned how to ride a plain ol' stationary bike 1 year ago, and have yet to learn to drive. But, the real takeaway is that I'm learning!